Sandwich Police Bust 34 Underage Drinkers At Chaperoned New Year’s Eve Party

underagedrinkers – Sandwich police officers broke up an underage drinking party on New Year’s Eve scattering teens just an hour before midnight. According to a release from Sandwich police, the parent of a Sandwich teen learned about the party at 9 Windsong Road in Forestdale and reported it to police.

Several young people reportedly ran from the property when officers arrived at the home. The officers entered the home and spoke with the 52-year-old homeowner, who allegedly hosted the party for his two teens and their friends.

In all, officers requested 34 criminal applications for minor in possession of alcohol. The homeowner will be charged with procuring alcohol for minors and keeper of a disorderly house.

This should do it right? This will definitely put an end to the underage drinking. God forbid anyone actually realize that you can’t stop underage drinking from happening and try to give kids a safe place to do it on New Year’s Eve right? I mean everyone knows that kids are supposed to party in the woods with giant fires and no supervision.

You can’t blame the cops here though, they have to do their job when 34 people are committing a crime, that’s a little beyond the sweep under the rug category. You know who you can blame though? The parent of the teen who learned about the party and called the police in the first place. Talk about the double whammy. Now you are known as a snitch among all the parents and your kid will never be told of any other parties for their entire High School career. You ruined a New Year’s Eve Party for fucks sake.

Listen I’m not saying let kids do whatever they want, but if you are a parent and you overhear about a party at another house? Pick up the phone and call the kids parents if you are concerned, take a ride over there and see what’s up, don’t call the police. Even the cops were probably saying how much of a prick you are for calling them. I’m sure they would rather the kids be at a house with a parent than out driving around.

This is why nobody is cool in this country anymore. There is a war on cool. Every time anyone tries to have a little fun some fucking Boy Scout is there to make a stink. What happened to the good old days when parents dealt with shit on their own and didn’t need to get the cops involved in disciplining their kids, let alone disciplining other people’s kids.


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  1. There’s no stopping those Sandwich crimefighters, busting another beer party. The sad part is that they seem to think it warrants a media release. Pathetic…go find some REAL crime! The funny part is that the same bunch of Barney Fife’s busted another party about two months back, with twice as many underage drinkers. The difference was that the many of the kids at that party were children of town employees. No big press releases, no charges filed. Parents were called and children picked up. The double standard is alive and well in Sandwich, just look at the behavior tolerated for so long from some of their rogue4 officers.

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