The Real Cape Super Bowl Bet Recap – We Need Your Input


As some of you know from our Facebook page a few of the Real Cape staffers made a friendly impromptu wager on the Super Bowl. Insane Tony not being of sound mind and body picked the Denver Broncos while Hippie and Hamwey had Seattle. The stakes were high and now Insane Tony will have to get a tattoo chosen by Hippie and Hamwey. While the design will be chosen for him, Tony will be able to choose the location of the tattoo on his body.

I will announce the design two weeks from today and Tony will then have a week to decide where on his body to put it. So please help us with suggestions of what you would like to see tattoo’d on Insane Tony’s body by commenting below, on Facebook or Twitter. So far the front runner might be an “I love Wareham” tat.

Also while you are commenting let us know what Cape Cod tattoo parlor you think we should use for this spectacle.

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