RAID: Police Call Shanghai Restaurant In Hyannis A Drug Dealers “Clubhouse”

shanghai hyannis – Two Hyannis men were arrested Friday night on warrants when police raided a Ridgewood Avenue restaurant they call “a clubhouse” for local drug dealers.

Another Hyannis man suspected of selling drugs at the restaurant was arrested on a warrant in Dennis and more arrests are expected, police said.

More than 20 officers from the Barnstable, Yarmouth and Mashpee police departments as well as the state police and Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office arrived at The Shanghai Chinese Restaurant at around 10 p.m. to arrest the men, who Barnstable Detective Lt. John Murphy said are known to deal drugs at the restaurant on a regular basis.

Waaaaaiiitttt a second. Hold on just one minute. You mean to tell me that the Hy-Town Chinese food place in that photo was a haven for drug dealers? What an absolutely SHOCKING revelation!

Seriously, look at that place, drug dealers were obligated to do business there, they just had to. It is written into the lease for all brick faced Chinese restaurants that they must have at least one coke dealer on the premises during business hours. It wouldn’t surprise me if there were heroin and crack options printed on the appetizer menu.

Drug dealing at a seedy Chinese restaurant is as american as apple pie. There isn’t a town in the United States where you can’t get an eight ball and an order of beef lo mein at two in the morning. I’ve always just figured that Chinese food restaurants were kind of like international waters and the laws of this country no longer apply once you walk through the beads and past the coy pond.

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