They Did It , Provincetown Banned Plastic Bags – Will The Rest Of The Cape Follow?

provincetownbag – Residents addressed several articles at Monday’s special town meeting, but the vote that may be remembered most makes Provincetown the first town on Cape Cod to ban single-use plastic bags.

Falmouth has a similar article on its November special town meeting warrant.

The bags banned are the thin bags, those used by Stop & Shop, the only large grocery store in Provincetown. Thicker, higher-quality plastic bags are still allowed.

The ban, which goes into effect April 15, passed with no debate.

Editor’s note: The following post is from April 7th which is when we first heard about this ban possibly happening. It is just as true now as it was then, if not more…

I have a quick question. Did anyone think about what the hell we are all going to use in our bathroom wastebaskets if they ban the supermarket style plastic bag? Do they even sell plastic bags that size? The plastic bag/bathroom wastebasket relationship is so wonderful and symbiotic, do we really want to mess with it?

I have a feeling GLAD might be behind this legislature. I wouldn’t put it past them to hire lobbyists to get this law passed in towns across America just in time for them to launch their new Double Force Flex Super Drawstring Bathroom Wastebasket Bags. Oh look! We happened to have these ready for the shelves right when supermarket bags became illegal!

This could be the biggest scam on the people of this country since that time they convinced us all that we need to start going to the store to buy water in single serving bottles instead of having it delivered right to our faces from out of our walls.

P.S. Provincetown can kiss the post shopping, 17 bag per arm, one trip from car to kitchen counter with all the groceries technique goodbye as well. I don’t know about you but I think I’d trade a couple of choking sea turtles for not having to buy tiny bags for my bathroom AND making 12 trips to get the groceries in.

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