FBI Video Of Rockland Trust Robbery Suspect – Do You Know This Man? 10K Reward


Remember when we broke the story of The Rockland Trust robbery a few weeks back with some hard hitting investigative journalism? Well the police have released video of the suspect and are asking for help identifying the man responsible. Here is the video:

The big question after watching this is what the hell is going on at this Rockland Trust? The place looks like a landscaping shop or something. What does a bank need a fork lift for? Is that a lawn mower in the left hand corner? How did some dude with no tools break into a bank? Was it even locked?

Anyway, if you know anyone that looks like this guy you should definitely report it. I am sure that narrowing the search down to a guy with a beard in a hoodie means it could only be every single person you know on Cape Cod. Should be a slam dunk!

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