Parents Warned Of “Written Statement” Found In Bourne High School Bathroom

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CCT – Tuesday night Bourne Public Schools issued a notice to the parents and guardians of students at Bourne High School regarding a “written statement” found at the school. The notice states that a “written statement” was found in one of the girls bathrooms after the close of school. The statement was found by a custodian.

The Bourne police were contacted and according to the school administration, the statement is not being considered a serious threat. “While the statement is considered to be a low level threat, we wanted to keep parents in the loop of communication as student safety and security is our top priority,” the notice read.

Hold up, this is what they consider “keeping parents in the loop”? Telling them about a “written statement” and vaguely alluding to a “low level threat” but not telling them what this “statement” said? That would be like a doctor telling you that they found “something” in your x-rays and you’re “kinda” sick and there’s a “low level” threat that you might die, but not tell you what they actually found and just let you wonder.

Listen, it’s probably nothing and didn’t even need to be mentioned, but once you cross the line to telling parents about it, you gotta go all the way. This isn’t keeping anyone “in the loop”, it’s actually the opposite, it’s getting them worried but not telling them why. Funny thing, some parents actually take their children’s safety kinda seriously, crazy I know.

Let’s go over two examples of what this “written statement” might say and see if we can open Bourne High School’s eyes about why once you tell people about something, you really need to go all the way.

Here’s two examples…

1. “I am losing my mind at this school, everyone is picking on me, I am going to buy a trench coat, a Marilyn Manson album, and an axe after school. Tomorrow they will all wish they never made fun of my black nail polish and the chain that connects my nose to my lip.”

2. “I hate my classmates so much that I am going to bring them cupcakes tomorrow and hope they get high blood pressure when they get old and it’s a real pain for them.”

Both written statements, both threats, but one is MUCH more alarming than the other. Transparency is great, keeping people in the loop is great, but Bourne did neither here. What they did is the equivalent of saying “Oooh, you’ll never believe what happened today…” and when the parents said “Oh my god what? WHAT!?” they said, “Oh nevermind, we can’t tell you”. We all learned you can’t pull that shit on people way back in kindergarten, the rile someone up and not tell them why move is one of the most loathed moves on earth. Bourne High might want to reconsider the way they “keep parents in the loop”.

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