This is The Key Note Speaker on Legalizing Marijuana On Cape Cod?

grass The League of Women Voters held a forum over the weekend addressing the potential legalization of marijuana in Massachusetts and the current policy surrounding medical marijuana, drawing disagreements from some of the speakers over the best policies for Massachusetts.

About 60 people came out to the event at the Cape Cod Community Media Center, titled, “Marijuana: Truths and Fictions.”

The event’s keynote speaker, Dr. Kevin Hill, gave an hour-long presentation on the matter, and said it was crucial for lawmakers to get appropriate policies in place when it comes to marijuana.

Hill called for additional regulations on medical marijuana in Massachusetts, saying some are abusing the system and accessing medical approval for the drug when they should not be.

I am sure there were tons of disagreements from some of the speakers over the best marijuana policies in Massachusetts. It is a very contentious subject that can draw the ire of many.

There were however, zero disagreements over the fact that this Dr. Kevin Hill guy…

kevin hill

…has absolutely no business being the keynote speaker at a forum addressing the potential legalization of marijuana on MARS let alone in Massachusetts. The closest that cracker has ever come to a joint is when he nearly broke his mother’s back walking home from elementary school.

Not to mention someone slapped the poor bastard on the back right when he was making that ridiculous face. He’s probably just waiting around for his community theater to put on Batman so he gets his 15 minutes of fame. Dude is an absolute shoo-in for the part of the Joker.

You want someone to tell you “the truth” about marijuana? It’s easy, just hire this guy…

chong smoke

He’ll tell you all you need to know.

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This Dude is Freaking Out About The Possibility of a Bathroom Bill In P-Town


CCT – I have two daughters and we occasionally visit Herring Cove Beach in beautiful Provincetown. If I object to people with penises showering in the open bathhouse at Herring Cove with them, I will be labeled evil, narrow-minded, racist, bigot and whatever labels the leftists can create.

This is completely wrong. And what boundaries do those in the elite left set for their daughters? Hopefully one is not showering in the company of strange men or a person with a penis.

Paul Shaw

Apparently this dude thinks democrats let their daughters shower with R. Kelly and Bill Cosby or something? which I’m pretty sure isn’t true? Any leftists care to clear that up?

But here’s the thing dude guy, You are the one letting your daughters wear their birthday suits in the public showers of P-Town. So maybe YOU might want to re-think YOUR parenting strategy as a whole. Maybe you need to make some fundamental changes starting from the ground up.

Also, if you think the company of strange men or people with penises is “completely wrong”? You might want to stop at the Truro line the next time you head down Cape, because it’s pretty much nothing but strange men and chicks with dicks from that point on my friend.

P.S. You have daughters… and dicks exist… Someday you will need to come to grips with that.

P.P.S. We crossed out his name in case some of his friends don’t know he has a “random flying dicks in the shower” phobia, we wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone.

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Ding Dong The Turkey’s Dead, The Turkey’s Dead, The Falmouth Turkey’s Dead!

falmouth turkeys

CN – The familiar sight of roaming turkeys on Main Street, Falmouth, is no more, as the rafter has disbanded following the euthanization of one of the more aggressive males three weeks ago.

It is the second male turkey in the Main Street group to be killed by Massachusetts Division of Fish and Wildlife personnel, the first one in January.

The flock, or rafter, appeared about a year ago, according to Main Street shop employees. But now they report only seeing one female walking the streets.

The turkeys roamed in groups of between four and 13, according to witness accounts, pecking at the ground, window shopping, puffing out their feathers, preening, posing for pictures with tourists, and slowly traversing Main Street and holding up traffic.

At times, though, they ruffled feathers.

The town and state received several complaint calls including from postal workers that prompted the latter to take action, state wildlife biologist David Scarpitti said.

“It was an ongoing issue in Falmouth,” he said.

Three weeks ago they removed a second male and, shortly thereafter, the rafter dispersed.

But employees of the Main Street shop Board Stiff miss seeing the birds.

“Tourists loved them,” manager Taylor Evangelista said.

The shop, with the help of local artists, created T-shirts that sell like hotcakes featuring the birds. One has a black turkey—a spoof on the Black Dog; another has a cartoon of a turkey chasing a person with 02540 underneath; and a third popular design shows a turkey on the back of a milk carton under the caption “Missing.”

Rumors have been swirling up and down Main Street that the entire rafter had been euthanized, but Ms. Evangelista said she hopes they were part of a relocation program.

The company even created a Facebook page dedicated to the birds. Recent posts are of concern over the turkeys’ whereabouts, and a cry to “Save the Turkeys!”

Listen, the turkeys were cute for a second. Everyone loved it when they would ruffle their feathers and the kids would ooh and ahh and everyone laughed and laughed.

Well you know who wasn’t laughing? The mailman getting a talon up his ass crack every time he tried to deliver another val pak that’s just gonna end up in the trash. You think the guy at Anejo who just had a $38 lobster enchilada ripped out of his hand by a 14 pound butterball gives a shit if the “tourists love them”?

Those bastards were getting brazen, it was only a matter of time until one of them pecked a pimpled little punks eye out and became public enemy number one. I don’t give a shit how many T-shirts you sell to morons from Iowa, if there’s a chance you can blind a kid any minute then you get a .22 caliber shot right between the eyes.

So put that on your Facebook page and smoke it, turkey tits.


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Video Of Fistfight At Chatham Committee Meeting Results In Firing Of Member

CHATHAM — In the wake of a widely publicized fight at a March 31 meeting, the selectmen have decided to remove David Davis from the town’s Waterways Advisory Committee.

Davis was involved in an altercation with Aunt Lydia’s Cove Committee Chairman Doug Feeney at a joint session of the two boards.

At that meeting, during a discussion about raising nonresident fees, an argument broke out that resulted in an outburst of foul language from both men and an exchange of blows that was quickly broken up. But the video of the fight spread on the Internet and led to apologies from Feeney and Davis.

What is the world coming to when two grown men can’t throw some blows over raising nonresident fees? Just the other day I put my fist through a wall just thinking about those damn nonresident fees. This isn’t some simple political problem like chicks with dicks in the ladies room, this is real life shit we are talking about here. Sometimes the only way to come to a conclusion on a matter as complicated as nonresident fees is to make a run at anyone who disagrees with you and throw a few haymakers. This is ‘Merica dammit.

I’ll tell you what, Feeney and Davis should both be on the waterways committee for life as far as I’m concerned. Go ahead and try to find anyone with more passion for Chatham’s waterways. If a grown man is willing to thrown down in an old fashioned fist fight over waterways? Over nonresident fees? You put that motherfucker on the waterways committee and you get the hell out of his way.

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Cape Cod Marijuna Dispensaries To Open This Fall – Just In Time For Full Legalization


CCT – Dispensary proposals for Dennis, Bourne, Brewster and Mashpee have been steadily inching their way through the state’s lengthy review process, and medical marijuana should be available on Cape Cod by mid-fall.

A dispensary on Echo Road in Mashpee likely will be the first on the Cape to open its doors, with a planned startup in early October. Medical Marijuana of Massachusetts, the nonprofit organization pursuing dispensary licenses in Plymouth and Mashpee, will cultivate and process the marijuana for both operations in a large building in a Plymouth industrial park.

Hey look at that, dispensaries that the public voted for by a landslide THREE years ago are finally going to open mid-fall. Just in time for when weed becomes recreationally legal by a landslide vote in November. It’s a good thing the state collected millions of dollars from people for med cards that were useless for three years. Oh, it was also nice of them to take millions from the people who applied to open dispensaries as well. Now those people get to open their shops right at the same time Cumberland Farms starts selling weed.

The Big Dig, The T, Medical Marijuana, you name it, if it has the potential to be something progressive and great for the state of Taxachusetts, you can bet your ass the powers that be will totally screw it up somehow. Colorado is out there wiping their asses with $100 bills and building schools with their weed tax money, meanwhile we are waiting 7 hours for the train and our kids are playing hot cross buns on toilet paper rolls in their combo music/health/woodshop/gym class.



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Seashore Turkey Hunt On The 25th – Why Can’t We Just Shoot Them In The Street?

cape cod turkey

CCT – The annual spring turkey hunt at the Cape Cod National Seashore (CCNS) will begin on Monday, April 25. This is the fifth season for the hunt, according to a CCNS release. The 2016 turkey hunt will run for through Saturday, May 21, and coincide with the state turkey hunting season, which continues for an additional week.

Who needs to go all the way the Seashore? These chumps are all over the place. I say it’s time for open season on these turkey bastards. They’re terrorizing mailmen, causing traffic jams and waltzing down Main St. like they’re checking out the spring fashions.

We’ve got seals taking over our beaches, turkeys in the streets, fisher cats eating poodles… Whatever happened to being on top of the food chain? Apex predators? Have we all gone so soft that animals are taking over our peninsula? What’s next? Will we come home to raccoons in our living rooms, chilling on the couch, eating all of our snacks and controlling the remote all night?

It would be one thing if turkey’s were cute. I could wait a few minutes for a Koala bear to cross the road, but a turkey? Get on my plate or GTFO.

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This Fake DUI Checkpoint Article is Why “Patch” Websites Suck Giant Donkey Balls


patch sucks

PATCH – A DUI checkpoint will be held near Falmouth tonight. Please share!

A sobriety checkpoint will be held in Plymouth County tonight.

State Police will conduct the checkpoint. The exact location and time was not revealed, per State Police policy.

“The purpose is to further educate the motoring public and strengthen the public’s awareness to the need of detecting and removing those motorists who operate under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from our roadways,” State Police Superintendent Richard McKeon. “It will be operated during varied hours, the selection of vehicles will not be arbitrary, safety will be assured, and any inconveniences to motorists will be minimized with advance notice to reduce fear and anxiety.”

Talk about your all time bait and switch headline. I guess the Falmouth Patch people were busy compiling lists about how if you’ve ever been to the beach once then you MUST be from Cape Cod! I guess they didn’t have time to realize that Plymouth County is not in or near Falmouth, nor is it on Cape Cod. Everyone should stop following these PATCH sites, they are a compilation of automated garbage.

The last thing we need around here is some false alarm that causes the boozehounds to toss their Fireball nips on the side of the road at a higher rate than normal. I had to borrow a friends trailer to get them all out of my yard once the snow melted. They should really start putting tiny GPS units in those nip bottles. How great would it be to show up at some slobs house and when he opens the door just dump a bucket of empty Fireball nips on his head like some boozebag version of the ice bucket challenge for ALS.

Here’s your nips back you littering shitbag.

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