Obama Responds To Ethel Kennedy’s Ice Bucket Challenge

ethel kennedy ice bucket

BarstoolSports.com – The president appreciates Mrs. Kennedy for thinking of him for the challenge, but his contribution to the effort will be monetary. The president will be making a donation to an ALS charity this week.

Listen, you can say whatever you want about this ice bucket challenge thing but you have to admit that it is pretty cool that a guy from Massachusetts started this whole thing and it has made it all the way to getting a response from The White House. I admit I was skeptical when it all started that it wasn’t another KONY 2012 thing and it was just people being couch activists but the numbers don’t lie.

Say what you will about Obama as well, but this is really the only response he could have. You just can’t have a sitting president of The United States dumping water on his head. Vacation or no vacation the rest of the world can’t see our president succumbing to internet trends. Not to mention, who wants to see Obama in a wet T-Shirt contest? (He’s no Feitelberg that’s for sure)

Now I think we need a Kennedy to challenge Gisele (or Tom for the ladies) and we are really getting somewhere. Good on you Pete, but next time the challenge should specify a no bra rule.

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