New “Emergency Reference Sheet” For Cape Cod If Pilgrim Nuclear Melts Down

pilgrim – While there is no plan to evacuate the Cape if the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth has a radioactive release, there is, for the first time, a double-sided sheet of guidelines residents can follow while “sheltering in place.”

Called the “emergency reference sheet,” it includes information on what to do as well as what not to do following a radiological incident.

For instance, residents are advised not to head for the Sagamore or Bourne bridges since evacuation from areas closer to the plant will cut off travel for those trying to leave the Cape. Cars offer no protection, so those caught in traffic jams will endure greater exposure to radiation.

The advice from emergency experts is to immediately go inside, lock windows and doors, and grab the portable radio.

And above all, “stay calm.”

After more than a year’s effort, a committee of local emergency management directors, public safety officers, anti-nuclear activists and legislative aides produced the instruction sheet, which will be printed on heavy card stock and made available in several locations.

Morley said there is no viable way to evacuate the Cape, and there are no existing radiological shelters on the Cape, which limits the options for residents.

“The only choice is to shelter in place,” he said.

Is this supposed to make us feel better or worse? Basically what they are saying to Cape Codders is that if there is a nuclear meltdown; “Don’t try and drive over the bridges because the evacuation plans for everyone else will make that impossible. Just shut the window, grab the portable radio that you threw away seven years ago, stay calm, and die peacefully at home.”

How about this part? “There are no existing radiological shelters on The Cape, the only choice is to shelter in place.” Huh? You just said there are no shelters, how can we shelter in place if there aren’t any shelters? Cocaine’s a helluva drug.

So yeah, this isn’t so much of a nuclear survival plan as it is a handbook for agoraphobia. The least they could do is add “stop at the liquor store and stock up” so we could all at least go out having a good time.

P.S. What on earth could locking your door do when a nuclear cloud is coming? Does radiation knock a few times, try the knob and then leave when it realizes the door is locked? Lock my door? Seriously?

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