Nauset Regional Middle School Is Building A Greenhouse… Wait, What?

greenhouse01lg – ORLEANS — Sixth-graders were lingering in the side yard Wednesday at Nauset Regional Middle School as the adults put a shovel in the ground for the school’s new greenhouse.

When the $125,000 greenhouse is built, the students will grow food for the school cafeteria and try their hand at cultivating flowers and indigenous plants, school Principal Maxine Minkoff said.

Use of the year-round greenhouse, planned at 1,500 square feet, will help the school’s 600 students learn about solar energy, protecting the environment, nutrition, math, the origins of food, art and more.

The children, too, had ideas about what the greenhouse would mean: a chance to get outdoors, do something different and work with their hands.

Whoah, wait a minute, what is going on here? You mean to tell me that this school is building something that will keep kids active, teach them about natures role in our everyday lives and possibly instill a respect for clean and healthy food supplies?

Doesn’t Nauset know that we are living in the Twitter age? Kids should be learning how to pilot drones and put that plastic thing on their smartphone screens without getting bubbles in it. I mean who cares about crops that haven’t been genetically modified when the ones that are genetically modified are dee-fucking-licious?

But seriously folks, this is actually a very good idea. I’m just upset because in my day a superlative class taught you how to make a wooden step stool with some stupid bands logo carved in it (you know you have one). Now they are offering advanced classes in being a Hippie.

I used to think I was born too late. Now I’m thinking I was born too soon. Kudos Nauset, you changed my life.

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