National Highway Admin Telling Massachusetts Motorists To Wash Their Cars

nanny state – People who live in areas where salt is used to clear roads of snow are getting some advice from U.S. safety regulators: Wash the underside of your car.

The message comes as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration closes a five-year investigation into rusting pipes that carry brake fluid in about 5 million older Chevrolet, Cadillac and GMC pickups and SUVs without seeking a recall. Instead, the agency blames the problem on rust caused by road salt.

The agency urged people in 20 cold-weather states and Washington, D.C., to get their car and truck undercarriages washed during the winter, and to get brake lines inspected and replace them if necessary. The warning underscores the importance of washing away road salt because it can cause critical parts to rust and fail.

In related news, the EPA is urging residents to make sure they are using soap when they clean behind their ears and the Board of Health is quietly pulling citizens aside and talking with them about the birds and bees.

I guess the divorce rate is so high that our government has decided that we need them to take on the role of parents. Whatever you do don’t get caught driving without your headlights on while using your windshield wipers if you have balloons in the car, you’ll probably get grounded for like two weeks.

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