National Grid Says: “No More Gas For You Cape Cod”

national grid gas –  Property owners looking to hook up to National Grid’s natural gas line may find they have a long wait ahead of them.

The utility company has instituted a moratorium on new hookups in all of Brewster, Dennis, Yarmouth, Orleans, Eastham, Harwich, Chatham and parts of Barnstable. The halt could last until 2019…

The moratorium was prompted by a recent inspection of the main transmission line along a 21-mile stretch spanning the Mid- and Lower Cape, which revealed some of the equipment was not up to current standards.

“We made the decision to lower the pressure in the main from 200 pounds per square inch to 125 until it’s replaced,” Navarro said. “We’re still evaluating what has to be done.”

“They found they had 4-inch pipe in some places where they thought they had 6-inch,” Wolf said. “The infrastructure isn’t there so they have to ratchet back until it is.”

“Suffice it to say, the gas main is totally safe,” Navarro said. “Some of the equipment just doesn’t meet with current standards for the higher pressure, so we decided to lower it as a precaution.”

National Grid is the gas Nazi. No gas for you! Don’t worry though, 2019 is right around the corner. You’ll get your gas just in time to make some killer dip for Super Bowl 54 between the 49ers and the Neptune Blue Knights. On the bright side, you’ll be able to afford the conversion because that car you just bought will be paid off by then.

On another note, how about National Grid blowing smoke up our asses about how safe their infrastructure is as well? You aren’t fooling anyone turning the pressure down to 125 psi. We’ve all seen enough sci-fi movies to know that anytime you can only run the thrusters at 62%, something is about to explode.

Sleep well everyone, there’s a giant pipe bomb underneath us.

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  1. I do not know if this is 100% true or not but I believe that the company is loosing money like the rest of the natural gas companys country wide because of old insufficient gas lines that are leaking out in turn them losing out on millions of dollars turn the psi down less leaks out while they repair main lines piece by piece with new long lasting plastic pipe that is both insulated and grounded …yea grounded some people who already have gas might not be grounded properly or even at all there loosing money to make money in the long run throughout the United States millions upon millions of ft of pipe are leaking because they are out dated and are getting eaten up by mother nature. …aka dirt

  2. I'm a big fan of trees and dirt… leaky pipes are no good!

    NPR did a nice write up on how the situation got so bad in New England.

    I grew up on the Cape… My background is in technology consulting but I was turned onto a company called Viridian Energy a few months ago. I became an Independent Associate and have been helping my friends and family save money while going green.

    It is definitely worth checking out… Electricity deregulation allows consumers to buy electricity from 3rd party suppliers, however, the Utility remains in place for billing, service and maintenance…

    Don't let National Grid jack up your prices!! Choose a 3rd party supplier!

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