Nantucket Riptide Rescue Captured On GoPro Video – Family Seeks Rescuers Identity


CC – A vacationing family from Texas saved from a rip current at Surfside Beach on Nantucket is hoping to find the good Samaritan who helped pull them from the water.

The ordeal was captured on camera by Erynn Johns, 16, who was filming with her GoPro camera when she was swept out by the current.

Her father, Derrick, tried to save her, at times grabbing the “selfie stick” Erynn was using to pull her closer to shore, but Derrick was eventually carried out as well.

Lifeguards and a man in an orange swimsuit helped rescue the family, first helping Erynn to shore and then rescuing Derrick, who collapsed on the beach from exhaustion.

The Johns are hoping to find the unidentified man in the orange shorts to thank him.

Let this be a lesson to you kids out there. Never, under any circumstances, should you even think about the possibility of using a selfie stick, it’s just not worth the humiliation and shame.

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