They Might Try Saving Piping Plovers By Killing Foxes, Raccoons and Skunks

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WL – As Mass Natural Heritage and Endangered Wildlife Agency and representative stakeholders continue discussions about a statewide piping plover habitat conservation plan, the topic of species eradication remains a sticking point.

The working group, which began meeting in May of 2014, has been discussing a myriad of topics but, according to John Regosin, chief of conservation science at Mass Natural Heritage and Endangered Wildlife Agency, participants have been trying to find a “middle ground” in regards to the selective removal of certain predators like foxes, skunks and raccoon.

For over ten years we’ve played god with the Piping Plovers. We’ve closed miles of beaches to both vehicles and humans, we’ve put cages around their nests, we’ve banned drones and kite surfing, and we’ve failed miserably. There are less Piping Plovers now than when we started all of this.

Any normal, rational thinking person would probably come to the conclusion that we should probably stop playing god right? It’s not working, we aren’t Mother Nature, we have no idea how to successfully manipulate our environment. Maybe we should eat some humble pie and leave the ecosystem alone?


Let’s start playing god on an even grander scale by killing all of the Piping Plover’s predators!┬áKill them all! Foxes, skunks, raccoons. who needs ’em? They are much less important than Piping Plovers.

What does it matter that Mother Nature has been using natural selection for billions of years? People have been here almost 0.017% of that time, it’s about┬átime for us to take over and show her how it’s done. Move over Mother Nature, you had your time, the humans have it under control now, and the Piping Plover’s enemies are our enemies.

P.S. Imagine for a second that the Irish population on Cape Cod was dwindling, and someone told you that they think the solution is to start killing Brazilian, Portuguese and Italian people to even out the numbers? You would immediately dial 911 and have them committed.

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