Did Meghan Trainor Plagiarize “All About That Bass” From A Korean Dude, or Phish?


Buzzfeed is at it again. One of our most popular posts ever was a correction of one of their articles about Cape Cod. I think it’s time we dismantle another one of their pieces of “journalism” now that they are taking shots at our Cape Cod native daughter.

Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” is currently sitting at number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. According to the liner notes, the song was co-written by Meghan Trainor and Grammy Award-nominated songwriter Kevin Kadish. It’s recently been pointed out, however, that “All About That Bass” sounds suspiciously a lot like a song by a South Korean group called Koyote.

Here are the two songs…

Do they sound alike? Yeah a little bit, the melodies are similar but for starters that Korean song is in a completely different language.

In all seriousness though, I’m calling bullshit on the plagiarism angle. I’m willing to bet that if you go back to old school Jamaican/Caribbean music, even before reggae, you could find a bunch of songs that sound just like these two.

Sure, it’s a rip off, but it’s a rip off of a rip off of a rip off, all music is. That progression in that style of music is like a 1-4-5 chord progression in Rock and Roll, it’s the basis of a million songs.

Now we get to the real interesting twist. Our friend Dennis from Cape Cod Phish Heads alerted us to this article and here is why…

Interestingly though, Joo Young Hoon and Meghan Trainor both might have taken inspiration from Phish. The band released a song in 1989 that is also pretty similar.

Now we are cooking with gas! How hilarious is it that these two massively popular songs may have been ripped off from one of the most ridiculous Phish songs ever written? If I know Phish like I think I do, there will be a Contact>All About That Bass>Contact on fall tour sometime, or at least a tease.

P.S. The absolute, hands down, best part of this entire article is that this is Joo Young Hoon, the guy who wrote the Korean song…

long duck dong

Get the fuck outta here! That’s not Joo Young Hoon, that’s Long Duck Dong! Is Meghan Trainors next song gonna be called “No More Yanky My Wanky”?!

long duck dong2

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