Mashpee White Supremacist Kyle Hunt Urges Racists To “Look Normal”

mike hunt – Mashpee – This coming Saturday, March 15, in a bunch of cities worldwide, disgruntled white supremacists will take to the streets, bearing banners that read “DIVERSITY” = WHITE GENOCIDE in very big red letters. TheWhite Man March aims to be a large display of “coordinated pro-white activity,” timed to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day and meant to express these white folks’ displeasure with how “white countries” are being over-run with, you know, non-whites and Jews and such.

Hunt is one of the hosts of Renegade Broadcasting, an online radio station for people who are concerned with the “destruction of the white race.” A graduate of Amherst College with a double major in psychology and theater and dance, Hunt hails originally from Mashpee, Massachusetts and claims to have worked as a recruiter for Google and founded several start-ups in Silicon Valley before moving back to the East Coast and going white power full-time. He goes by “Kaiser Kyle” on YouTube and “Nyte Hulk” on Alternative Social, a pro-white answer to MySpace that he founded a few years back.

“We are now in a position to make a serious statement to the anti-Whites,” Hunt wrote on the WMM homepage. “That is why we need to be on a consistent message and execute our plans with power and precision. We can learn from the failures and successes of the past so as to use our energy effectively.”

Using one’s energy effectively, in this case, means that the pro-white activists don’t want to spend a lot of time tangling with the police, the media, or anyone who isn’t a pro-white activist. It also seems to mean that Hunt doesn’t want anyone coming off looking stupid. He’s urging everyone involved in WMM not to wear “paramilitary uniforms,” Nazi outfits or Klan robes, and suggests a nice summery wedding look instead:

So this happened this weekend, apparently. When I first read this article (I suggest you click the link and read the entire thing) I have to double check and make sure it wasn’t a satire piece from The Onion or something. Apparently this dude from Mashpee organized a “White Man March” to display “pro-white activity”.

Ummm… what year is it? And what planet are we on? Is this real life? in the year 2014 there are still people this stupid? The kicker is that this guy went to Amherst college. Depending where you get your info from Amherst is consistent rated one of the top academic schools in the country. How can a human being graduate from a learning institute of that caliber and still be this ignorant?

I mean Amherst has to be absolutely ashamed that someone who makes it through their curriculum can come out the other side as such an utter moron. I don’t know about you but I think we should give this guy a bullhorn and make him go somewhere like Compton or Harlem and force him to shout his ideology on the street. I wonder how long he would last?

I don’t even have any jokes here, I just figured this guy is from Mashpee so as Cape Codders we should all be aware of him and his activities so that the next time he shows his face on our peninsula we can all give him the welcome home he deserves. So keep any eye out for Kyle Hunt everyone and if he shows his face on Cape Cod be sure to let him know how welcome he is in his homeland.

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  1. I don’t know about you but I think we should give this guy a bullhorn and make him go somewhere like Compton or Harlem and force him to shout his ideology on the street. I wonder how long he would last? ^^ what are you saying here? Suggesting he goes to a non-white neighborhood and broadcast he is proud to be white? Saying it like the non-whites will have a problem with it and “pop a cap in his a*s…….. But any non-white can assemble and announce to be proud to be not-white and they don’t think twice about getting “capped” In a white neighborhood……… That sounds like a racist comment from you against the type of people that live in “Compton or Harlem”…… You make yourself sound like an idiot. Wake up hippie

    1. Your rhetoric is completely flawed due to the fact that you made assumptions that I meant he would get “capped”. I never said those words, you did. I simply meant it would take balls to do it in a predominantly black neighborhood, and that Kyle Hunt has no balls and would not last long. Next time you call someone a racist you should use only their comments in your argument, not words that you added yourself.

      1. Hippie, your retort is completely flawed due to its contradictory nature. Firstly, you offer an action with no consequence, therefore leaving the statement open to speculation. Considering the contextually subjective nature of the article, it is clear that your preposition of the subject going a predominantly black neighborhood holds the intent of having negative repercussions. Seeing as you show the inability to think objectively and avoid committing logical fallacies in your arguments, I will represent mine by lowering it to your standards in an attempt to avoid any misunderstanding.
        Let’s break it down…

        “I simply meant it would take balls to do it in a predominantly black neighborhood”

        Ok, so he would need the courage in order to commit your proposal.

        “Kyle Hunt has no balls”

        Here you assume he does not withhold the courage to do so.

        “and would not last long.”

        So, if he did have the courage, he would not last long…but why?
        Considering the point you are sadly attempting to prove, the most logical outcome of this situation would include physical altercation, as this would have the strongest impact on said courage.

        This is all neglecting that fact that you originally propose he be forced in this situation which eliminates the element of courage(“having balls”), ultimately voiding your retort altogether.

        1. Speculate all you want, use semantics and talk in circles all day it makes no difference. Semantics can make words mean whatever you want them to, but your meaning and mine will always differ. Let’s talk action, we can get to the bottom of this real easy.

          Instead of saying this stuff and defending this guy anonymously tell us your full name. Mine is Damien Palanza. I’d also challenge you and Kyle to do what I said, let’s go into a predominantly black area and you can preach white power. You can twist words all day anonymously in the comment section, or we can figure this shit out in real life.

  2. Shut up racist hippie. Go walk in the million man march. This kid isn’t racist He’s just proud to be white All other races can do it except whites???? It’s people like you that are ruining this country.

    1. Are you freaking kidding me? Wow, can’t even think of an itellegent comment to all this idiotic conversation. Speechless, LOL. I knew what you meant Hippie, some idiots just want to fight about everything and they will look real hard to find what you “didn’t” mean. Ick, along with Hunt. They don’t even deserve a “real” conversation. And I know alot of us “whites” who would love to welcome Hunt back to Mashpee….. 😉

  3. Thank you for this post alerting the people of Cape Cod to the white supremacist, fascist Kyle Hunt. It’s amazing how uninformed, ignorant, and conspiratorial Kyle is. Amherst College must regret admitting him; there were probably thousands of young brilliant students of color who could’ve done a lot more than he’s doing, whining and playing the victim.

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