Mashpee Proactively Submits Legislation To Allow Brewery

brewery – Mashpee Planning Board submitted two articles for May Town Meeting that will clear the way for operation of a microbrewery or a brew pub, a place of production for small and local beer businesses, in Mashpee.

The town currently does not have specific provisions for such an industry but an article, drafted by town planner F. Thomas Fudala, would allow these breweries to set up shop in Mashpee if the town chooses to pass the article.

A specific, but yet to be named, local brewery has looked at Mashpee as well as other Upper Cape towns as a possible area to set up shop, leading the town planner to pursue a zoning amendment.

The planning board voted unanimously to approve the Town Meeting articles that would allow the business, or other similar businesses, to choose Mashpee as a hub for a possible restaurant and production area for its beer.

Now THIS is the kind of local lawmaking we can get behind! Proactively submitting articles to institute provisions for any industry is a smart move. When that industry is brewing beer it reaches Stephen Hawking Levels.

Thomas Fudala just became Saint Peter and hung a welcome sign on the pearly gates of Mashpee. Let’s hope this brewery takes him up on the offer and builds heaven on earth in the form of a new brewpub on Cape Cod.

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