Mashpee Duo Arrested For Shoplifting From Dennis Radio Shack – Seriously? Radio Shack?

dennis radio shack – Two Mashpee residents have been ordered held on $2,500 bail each on charges related to an alleged shoplifting incident Wednesday at the Radio Shack at Patriot Square in South Dennis, according to Orleans District Court records.

At around 11:25 a.m. Wednesday, the pair is alleged to have taken about $650 in products from the electronics store in the Route 134 plaza, a Dennis police report says. The couple were seen leaving the area in a dark green Chevrolet Cavalier. Yarmouth police, who had learned of the alleged shoplifting incident, stopped the car on Long Pond Road in South Yarmouth. The products missing from the South Dennis store are alleged to have been in the pair’s possession.

The most surprising part of this is that Radio Shack still exists. I would have thought they went out of business once the days of shoving coat hangers in rabbit ear antennas were over.

I’m not so sure that I believe the numbers in this report. How do you even steal $650 worth of crap from a Radio Shack? What did they take, a Texas Instruments calculator, a universal remote, and 578 cable splitters?

Hey guys, 1983 called and they want their prime shoplifting location back.

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