Lay’s Has Some Balls Filming Their New Potato Chip Commercial On Cape Cod

lays – A local bakery will get some nationwide attention when a new Lay’s potato chip flavor is introduced later this year.

Beth Giampietro of Beth’s Bakery and Cafe in Sandwich said crews will be filming later this week.
She says she was approached after someone spotted the bakery.

“Evidently someone came through Sandwich over the summer and came into my bakery. They loved the spot and loved the town so they decided to do the commercial here,” she said.

Giampietro said the company has not told her specifically what the new chip will be, but she does know it will have a New England twist.

What a slap in the face from Lay’s. You don’t just waltz into Cape Cod Potato Chip country and start filming commercials. This would be like if Nestle set up shop in Hershey Pennsylvania. Hey Lay’s you ever hear of the snack commandments? Thou shalt not covet thy competitor’s peninsula? Learn it.

I think it’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. I’d be willing to bet this new chip that Lay’s is unveiling is a total rip off of the Cape Cod Waffle Cut Chip and they are looking to catch a little Cape magic in a bottle. Alas, just like Wavy Lay’s suck compared to Ruffles, whatever crap their introducing to the market next will be sub par in comparison to the perfection that is the Cape Cod Waffle Cut. Hey Lay’s, you might be able to put your chips on Cape Cod, but you can’t put Cape Cod into your chips.

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