Kids Will Now Be Able To Graduate From Bourne High With A College Degree. Wait, What?

The entrance to Bourne University
The entrance to Bourne University

The Enterprise – The Bourne School Committee last night voted its unanimous support of an agreement that would allow Bourne High School students to earn a liberal arts associate’s degree from Cape Cod Community College at the same time as their high school diploma.

Bourne will be the first town on the Cape to offer the program to its juniors and seniors.

President of Cape Cod Community College John L. Cox  was on hand last night to help present the program, called Early College Experience, and answer questions about the educational partnership. (Just an excerpt, read full story here)

Excuse me? At first I thought they were saying that kids could get college credits while in high school. Nope. Students can now simultaneously earn a high school and college degree. The day they graduate from high school, they receive a college degree.

As if college degrees haven’t been devalued enough by our factory college system of debt for degrees. Now people who actually, you know, went to college, have to compete with a few hundred Doogie Howsers from Bourne? What’s next middle school nursing programs? Graduate from elementary school with a welding certificate?

Isn’t part of earning a degree from college proving you can live and work independently? So isn’t not going to college a good reason to not give someone a college degree? You know why they don’t give you a Harvard degree after taking small engine repair classes at DeVry? Because you DIDN”T GO TO HARVARD.

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