Just A Friendly Reminder About How Great Cape Cod Is

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It seems like every time there is a robbery or other drug related crime in the news these days social media explodes with people hating on Cape Cod. You hear tons of people that live here talking about how they should leave. You hear tons of people that have moved off of the Cape telling people here that they should follow suit. You hear tons of people who don’t live here, and never have, talking about what a shit hole Cape Cod is. Frankly, I’m a little tired of it.

Does Cape Cod have an opiate addiction problem? Yes, it has a very significant opiate problem. This post is by no means intended to trivialize the severity of the opiate problem on Cape Cod, it is very real, and it is very serious. The point of this post is to point out that Cape Cod is far from alone, and it is no longer any worse than most areas when it comes to opiate addiction.

Places like Vermont, Ohio, Oregon, New Jersey, and Tennessee have surpassed us in most heroin related statistics. Massachusetts is no longer even in the top 10 for prescription drug addiction.

Heroin, and opiates are not a Cape Cod epidemic, they are a national epidemic. Cape Cod is no worse than most places and is actually better off than many. We also have some great people on the front lines battling opiates in progressive ways. People like Jim Cummings, whose program at the house of correction has attracted national attention because of its effectiveness.

My point is this… yes, it’s bad. We are going through hard times here on Cape Cod, but calling it a shit hole, threatening to leave, or never come back, only hurts morale. We make fun of Cape Cod as much or more than anyone, but we do it in the way that you do when you’re giving shit to your best friend. Sarcasm and laughter are medicine, but it seems like many people are actually starting to think the grass is greener over the bridge these days and that is ludicrous.

We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth, both visually and sociologically, and let’s not forget it. Yes, it has its problems, but just like we make fun of it like a best friend, we shouldn’t ever turn our back on it at the first sign of trouble and stop loving it like a best friend either. Cape Cod may have its faults, but it’s our Cape Cod, and don’t ever forget it.

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