Joe’s Lobster Mart Re-Opening Is A Travesty Of Justice


Capecodonline.comGeorge Brennan – Joe’s Lobster Mart, the beleaguered fish market on the shores of the Cape Cod Canal, is reopening under new ownership.

Scott Thayer, the long-time general manager of Joe’s Lobster Mart, said Monday he is sub-leasing the building from Joseph Vaudo and has received permission from the state Department of Public Health to reopen…

Thayer declined to comment on the specifics of the business deal between himself and Vaudo, except to say that his long-time boss would have no role in the day-to-day operation of the business. Vaudo, who leased the property from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is essentially Thayer’s landlord.

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What an absolute crock of shit. I didn’t need to read one sentence of this article before my bullshit detector started ringing like the dinner bell at Honey Boo Boo’s house. As Hippie Senior used to say “I’m too old a cat to get fucked by a kitten.” Of course Thayer “declined to comment on the specifics of the business deal between himself and Vaudo”. That’s because he’s obviously a puppet for the guy to keep his business.

If you believe that Vaudo’s “long-time” general manager is going to take over his entire operation, use his name and his equipment but only pay him rent and not the lion’s share of the profits then I wish you good luck with your 47th chromosome.

How is this a punishment? You have to take the guy’s lease, it is government property. At least make the new guy prove that he is not just a front for Vaudo. I want quarterly profit and loss statements backed up by tax returns to prove that he is only getting rent and not profits. Better yet, if you are the DPH just don’t let this crap happen. This is the type of shit that makes people distrust the government. This is such an obvious scam to dodge the system that allowing it smacks of cronyism in politics.

Someone in the government needs to stand up and say that this move just doesn’t pass the sniff test. Someone needs to take a stand and restore our faith in our leaders. If I were anyone involved in prosecuting Joe or making sure he paid for his crimes I would be personally insulted that this is being allowed to go down this way.

Let’s show the government that just because they can be so easily manipulated, we the people of Cape Cod will not be. We are too smart to have this shit pulled on us. Keep the ban of Joe’s Lobster Mart in place. Keep the real power in the hands of the people and do not shop there.

If you want to know what kind of person you are dealing with then READ THIS.

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