Jersey Mayor Sets Fun Police Record, Shuts Down Entire Town


TW – So many people were clamoring to get to Belmar, New Jersey, on Sunday, that the mayor stopped all incoming traffic from coming in during the afternoon, saying the small town had reached capacity.

The population is usually about 6,000, but during the summer it soars to more than 60,000, reports. Mayor Matt Doherty told NJ Advance Media that he spoke with the police department about the huge number of people packed in the 1.6-square-mile beach town, and they decided Belmar needed to be closed to visitors for safety reasons. Doherty said a “perfect storm of good things” caused the swell in visitors, including the 29th annual seafood festival and beautiful weather. Although visitors were turned away, residents just had to show their license to get around the road closures, and the town reopened for everyone at around 7 p.m.

I wonder if this Mayor was college roommates with Don Stainbrook and Carlo DiPersio of the Sandwich Heritage Garden Zip Line Fun Police? They would probably LOVE to just shut down the entire town.

It seems like a drastic tactic, but I did a little investigating and this is a video of a car full of people headed to Belmar on vacation…

Ummmm… yeah, I’d have shut that shit down permanently. If those were the people coming over the bridges to Cape Cod, I would personally blow them both up like they were The Bridge Over The River Kwai.

Next time you get upset about a 17 year old with dreadlocks parking his parents Mercedes in an illegal spot to play some Lax at the beach, come to this post, watch this video, and give that kid from Hingham a big hug. At least he’s not Juicehead Johnson and his cousin Steroids McGee from that video up there.

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  1. I have never understood why anyone would go to Belmar. You pay a fortune to park and a hefty price for a daily pass and are forbidden to bring food or drink to the beach . You can only access the beach in a few limited places, usually near food vendors, and no you have to eat it off the beach if you can afford it after all the fees. I went once when I was new in NJ after living near other parts of the east coast the east coast beaches where fun was the reason for going to the beach. Belmar was a little like being in some kind of a police state even when not crowded. No good times there,

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