Jerks Dump Their 14 Year Old Dog At A Shelter In Centerville So They Can Travel

husky – In Centerville, Massachusetts, a beautiful Wooly Siberian husky was surrendered to the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals located near Cape Cod. The message to Dogs Deserve Better, an animal advocacy and welfare organization follows:

“This old girl was just dumped at my local MSPCA. I have met her, and she was friendly, but of course a bit anxious. She is 14, in excellent health, very pretty, wooly coat, brown eyes, spayed and up to date on shots. NO
behavior issues and in great shape; lots of life left in her. . Needs a loving home. I am trying to find a foster immediately to get her out of the shelter. She is at the Centerville MSPCA.”

Under the owner information for the reason she was surrendered was “want to travel.”

What kind of person can just get rid of their 14 year old dog so they can go to Europe? That’s like putting your kid up for adoption when they turn 17 because you don’t feel like taking care of them anymore. “Sorry Junior, we know you have another year of High School left but your mother and I really want to go to France. I’m sure they’ll find you a nice foster home, and we’ll send a post card from the Eiffel Tower.”

Fuck these people, they should have their names made public so they can get the ridicule they deserve. That dog would probably lay down on train tracks to save its owners and this is what she gets in return? Somebody needs to adopt this dog A.S.A.P. and pamper the living shit out of her.

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