This Irish Pub Camper That’s Shipping To Boston Better Come To Cape Cod



Irish Examiner – From caravan to bar-avan — it’s the traditional Irish pub on wheels that’s about to storm America.

An enterprising cabinet maker in Galway has converted a battered old caravan into an authentic Irish pub.

And such has been the reaction to John Walsh’s Shebeen-for-hire, that he’s branching into sales and is about to deliver one to Boston.

“Very early into this project, we realised that The Shebeen was going to be something very special.

“We have already received an order to ship one of our designs to America,” he says. “It will be very similar to the original Shebeen, except it will have a thatched roof, meaning it will really encapsulate that feeling of Irish tradition.

Well I guess food trucks can take a hike. The future has arrived in the form of a bar on wheels. When they say shipped to Boston, they better mean that it’s the closest port on the way to Cape Cod and this caravan pub is headed here. Someone would make a fortune with this thing on the Cape. How amazing would it be if you could go get shitfaced at the pub… and they could drop you off at your house at the end of the night? Talk about a game changer.

They should equip that thing with a speaker, play the ice cream truck song and drive it through Cape Cod neighborhoods. Wives everywhere would go out to look for their husbands in the yard and find the lawnmower still running in the corner and hubby is gonzo. Nowadays guys are always getting sidetracked on the way to the grocery store and ending up at the bar, after this thing gets to town we’ll be getting sidetracked on the way to the shed and ending up at the bar.

P.S. I think I just became a Pikey.

thanks to anne for the tip

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