Introducing The First Annual Best Day Drinking Bar On Cape Cod Contest!

day drinking

Summertime on Cape Cod is a special time. There are an endless amount of activities to partake in. Whether you go to the beach, out on the boat, golfing, hiking etc. etc. you are just about guaranteed to have a good time, but sometimes, even on a peninsula surrounded by the ocean, you just want to rally a good group of friends and do some good old fashioned day drinking.

What makes a great day drinking establishment? Is it the beer selection? The drink specials? The food? A Patio? TV’s? Pool tables? The service? Location? These are some of the questions we are going to answer over the next 30 days in the first ever quest to crown the best day drinking establishment on Cape Cod.

The first step in this process will be to establish a list of nominees comprised of the five best day drinking bars on the Cape. That’s where you, The Real Cape readers, come into the equation. We need you folks to either comment below, on our Facebook page under this post, or email us with the name of your favorite daytime watering holes on Cape Cod. From this list of nominees you will vote for the top five bars, and then the fun begins.

Over the course of the next month we will spend a day drinking and eating at each of the nominated bars (you will be invited to join us) in order to review and rank them. The winner of this coveted award will be announced August 1st on stage at The Real Cape Music Festival where the owners or selected staff from the winning establishment will be awarded with a special VIP package as well as a customized trophy to proudly display on site at their mecca of Day Drinking.

Let the games begin!

P.S. If you are either the owner or a staff member of an establishment you think has what it takes to win this, feel free to contact us to throw your hat in the ring and tell us why you think your bar belongs on the list of nominees.

P.P.S. All towns on the Cape and Islands are eligible. We are prepared to go the extra mile and be 100% thorough when it comes to drinking all day no matter what it takes, that’s how dedicated we are to this cause.

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