Insane Tony’s Top 7 Music Movies

almost famous

Sitting on the couch this weekend watching Howard Sterns Private Parts on VH1 classic got me thinking. (Before I tell you my genius thought, I will remind you that watching movies i.e. Private Parts on censored T.V. SUCKS BALLS. I love Howard too much to change it or put in my DVD copy. Yes I am that lazy.) I realized that I need to do a music movie countdown, so obviously had to pick the top 7.

This world renowned Top 7 does not include documentaries. Concert specials such as Woodstock will also not be here, those are two completely different beast. Drum roll please……..

7. Saturday Night Fever- Some people hate disco but you gotta respect this pick. I know 99% of you have strutted down the street while The Bee Gees occupied your brain.

6.The Wall- This movie was a constant in my “experimental” days. From the soundtrack to the visual stimulation it’s a true classic.

5.Almost Famous- A great look at the rock and roll lifestyle.

4.Walk The Line- The life of Johnny Cash, not much more needed to say.

3.The Blues Brothers- The amount of star power in this is amazing. Add in some of the most memorable movie moments and you have this great flick.

2. 8 Mile- Our more experienced readers may not know about this one, but trust me on it. The rhyming in the movie is on point. This one gave a new generation a voice.

1. The Doors- The Lizard King, Jimbo, Jim, whatever you call him he is the MAN. A band such as The Doors only comes along once in a great while. They burst on the scene and absolutely tore it apart. If this movie doesn’t make you want to be a rock star you can stop listening to music right as this moment for the rest of your life.

“WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Why didn’t Spinal Tap make it?” I can hear it now. It’s my list. So let the debate begin.

Editor’s note: You’ve gotta have at least one Beatles movie on this list. If not then you are insane… oh wait, nevermind. Also, and I say this with a staunch history of heterosexuality, The Sound of Music needs to be here as well.

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