Insane Tony’s Local Music Lunch Hour – Jeff Conley

jeff conley

We’ve all had shit stolen from us, some a lighter, some your  Saints starter jacket. It’s how you rebound from it that matters. Jeff Conley knows how to bounce back like a champ. This singer/songwriter had his 1960’s Gibson guitars stolen after a show. So he decided to rebound like Dennis Rodman, and not the wedding dress wearing Worm but the Detroit Pistons bad boy Worm. Jeff started making his guitars out of extra guitar pieces and household items he had lying around. Once he started making his own guitars he didn’t have to worry about those warm hearted thieves stealing his instruments anymore.


Jeff has toured the entire U.S playing his own brand of mellow, yet up-beat folk music, but not only does Jeff play great music, he also co-founded The Naukabout Music Festival with Peter Murner and Cory Peterson. The festival is held at The Barnstable County Fairgrounds every summer since 2008. I have been to 5 out of the 6 festivals, and each year it’s a great line-up with a mix of local and national touring musicians. A great festival close to home for us Codders with a wide range of music is hard to come by. A great mix of awesome music, good food, and sweet delicious succulent beer, makes for a full day of partying and cutting rugs.

Jeff and his band have played all 6 festivals, other local bands to have hit the Naukabout stage are Funktapuss, Sara Leketa, John Benninghof, Daniel Byrnes, Roots down Below, Old Silver Band, Boombasnap, Jimmy D, and Dune Billy All Stars, just to name a few. Some  national touring acts that have Naukabouted are Zack Deputy, Rusted Root, Ryan Montbleau, Adam Ezra, Will Dailey, Bela Flack, Peter Francis, Barefoot Truth, and Rustic Overtones.

So be sure to check out where you can catch Jeff Conley in your hood. Also keep an eye out for Naukabout 2014 info coming soon. Don’t forget to get out and support live local music!

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