Insane Tony Ranks The Top 10 Playground Games Of All Time


In my never ending battle to bring you the best of everything awesome, I have decided to take you back to when things where much simpler. Today I bring you my list of “Top 10 Playground Games.” Now, just to clarify, these are games that are played on the playground, and not gym class. Yes, dodge ball falls in this category, cause if it’s not played inside the god damn balls will never stop rolling. And that shit sucks.

10. H.O.R.S.E: This is where you show not only how wet your J is from the elbow, but how you can hit a shot sitting indian style with your eyes closed. Yes, I have hit that shot.

9. Hide and Seek: This is an all-time classic. There’s not much better than finding the one hiding spot where not even Seal Team 6 can find you. Oh wait, ya there is. Finding the kid who thought he had the greatest hiding spot…in about 2 seconds flat.

8. Keep Away: I fucking hate this game.

7. Red Light Green Light: I guarantee Hippie is that little shit that tries to inch closer while you have Red Light in play. Then cried cause you caught him.

6. Kill The Man With The Ball: This was the ultimate show off game for kids. There’s no way teachers didn’t have bets going on these games…on who would be coming back to class, and who wouldn’t. This game kept the school nurse employed through the 80’s. There’s also no way kids are still playing this now.

5. Red Rover: “Red Rover, Red Rover, send Billy over.” What an awesome game. You get a chance to cloths line the shit out of the little bastard who called you fat on the bus that morning.

4. Tag(T.V/Freeze): Another timeless classic. I always loved me a good game of T.V tag…to see who was the biggest couch potato, and who could come up with the most random show.

3. Tether Ball: Nothing like going home with rope burns on your arm….just as long as you can brag about your one hit win over your best friend.

2. Bombardment/Butts Up: Things don’t get much more old school playground than this. I mean lining classmates up to whip a ball at them. Pure genius, whoever thought of this game. There was always that one man-child you feared…for the love of god, he wasn’t aiming for you!

1. Kickball: The undisputed king of the playground!


Editor’s note: Is he kidding me with #7? I absolutely 100% inched closer during red lights. You play. To win. The game. As for Insane Tony catching me? Take a look at this pic of Tony as a child and you tell me if you think he ever “caught” anyone in Red Light Green Light…


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