Insane Tony Needs A Flux Capacitor

I am putting an A.P.B out for Captain Blackstrap Molasses Honeycutt. If this pirate is still around we need to bring our forces together and find ol’Blackstrap. If Molasses face isn’t still doing his pirate thing , we need to get our Marty McFly on and go back a few years so we can tip back a few pints with this guy.

There’s not many things better than getting absolutely cocked with a pirate. Not that I’ve gotten blasted with a pirate yet in my life, but I’m making it my mission from here on out to get hammered and then driven around in this fine piece of machinery. Help me get on this truck/boat??? I don’t care what you call it just get me on it NOW!!!!!!!!

Editor’s note: I will seriously get emails from people saying that this video is a few years old and that Insane Tony is out of his mind with this. Yah NO SHIT people, his name is INSANE Tony! Stop trying to make sense of what he writes or does, it will only make you insane as well.


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