How Did We Not Know Farmer Willie Is Making Alcoholic Ginger Beer On Cape Cod?

farmer willie

Kickstarter – Farmer Willie Fenichel was raised on the brine-crusted soil of Cape Cod. Tending to his goats and gardens, Willie began brewing something magical—alcoholic ginger beer. Sharing his scrumptious farm-made creation with local beach-goers, Farmer Willie and his ginger beer soon became local hits. After teaming up with his close friends turned co-Founders, Nico and Max, the ginger revolution began. Many recipes later, we are almost ready to share Willie’s creation with the world.

How did one of you people not tell us about this? This has everything The Real Cape loves. Goats, alcohol, a farmer, Cape Cod, and alcohol. Somebody that knows somebody needs to get me some of this stuff ASAP. I mean, do they taste like Dahhk n’ Stormees kid? Because if that’s the case I’ll get fahhked up on these all summahh long kid!

Listen, I don’t know Farmer Willie and I have no idea if this stuff even tastes good. What I do know is that when someone tries to do something that simultaneously creates jobs while adding to the amount of booze produced right here on this peninsula, we will get behind it 12 times out of ten.

This is great for Cape Cod in many ways, so do what you can to support these guys. A win for Farmer Willie’s is a win for Cape Cod. We are Farmer Willie, Farmer Willie is us.

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