Hit And Run Victim Who Raised $13K On Gofundme.com Wasn’t A Hit And Run Victim… Wait, What?


ORLEANS – Investigators from the Orleans Police Department have completed their investigation into the motor vehicle crash that occurred on February 15, 2014, at the Orleans Rotary. The initial focus of the investigation was to identify and locate an unknown motor vehicle and operator that was involved in the crash that may have fled the scene. Investigators were able to identify the motor vehicle in question as a 2012 Honda Ridgeline, operated by Colby Frodel of Eastham.

Ultimately, after a thorough investigation, investigators concluded that criminal charges in this matter are not appropriate. The investigation disclosed that Mr. Frodel did not flee the scene. It was determined that Mr. Frodel and a passenger in his vehicle stopped after the collision, spoke with the other motor vehicle operator, and attempted to exchange driver information.

What’s so interesting about this story you ask? Well the guy who told everyone he was the victim of this hit and run has a Go Fund Me page that has raised over $13K on the premise that he was, in fact, the victim of a hit and run. I’m not going to speculate on anything here, I’m just pointing out that the police investigation findings and this guys story do not match.

I’m going to leave the actual reporting up to a writer who, you know, puts pants on for work. I’m just a blogger who happens to read every single thing to do with Cape Cod online everyday and made a simple connection, but if I were a real reporter? I might look into this situation a little further is all I’m saying.

P.S. Cape Cod Times, Enterprise etc. hint, hint, wink, wink.

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