Hey Hippies, Make Up Your Minds!

Except her, she can do whatever she wants.

CapeCodOnline.com – BREWSTER — It’s a question of seeing the forest through the trees for opponents of a solar energy project that would require clear-cutting sections of woodland off Commerce Park Road.

The area is already home to industrial activity, including a half-dozen businesses and an existing community solar project. But the backdrop for those businesses is an important ecological resource in the form of a 100-year-old pine-oak forest, according to two men fighting a 4.6-megawatt solar energy project planned for the area.

“Personally, it’s a mind-blowing idea, in 2014, that they would cut down a forest to put up a solar array,” said Paul Gasek, an Emmy Award-winning producer and a former senior science editor for The Discovery Channel who lives in town.

Gasek and Christopher Powicki, a vocal supporter of renewable energy who has nonetheless sparred with the cooperative over specific projects and policies, argue that the potential benefit from the solar project at Commerce Park wouldn’t outweigh the detriment of the nearly 29 acres of clear-cutting necessary.

Fucking Hippies. They want nothing more than to end our reliance on fossil fuels by using alternate sources of energy but when we want to build a solar array they whine about cutting down a few pine trees. Listen guys we aren’t talking about the rain forest here, these aren’t 1,000 year old Redwood trees. These are pine trees growing out of a big fucking sand bar. I’m pretty sure the world’s oxygen supply won’t be at risk if we chop down a few trees in Brewster.

Everybody on Cape Cod is an environmentalist these days and wants renewable energy right up until the point when they actually start building the facilities. Windmills cause vertigo and ruin water views! Solar panels take up space that could hold an organic garden! Nuclear plants can melt down killing tens of thousands of people and scorching the earth! Wah!

Make up your minds and either stop complaining about all these alternative energy projects or keep your mouth shut when my friends and I are re-enacting the Zoolander gas fight while we fill up our 8 mpg trucks.


P.S. Yes my name is Hippie, no it was not given to me because I smoke weed and hug trees all day, but that is a story for another time. Yes I do like the environment but I also dislike “environmentalists”. I know… I’m so mysterious.

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