Harwich Churches Ashing People Up At Dunkin’ Donuts

Ever notice that church people can act just like crazy homeless people and nobody cares? Seriously, if these pastors were homeless they would have been arrested two seconds into this operation.

“Harwich police”

“Yeah this is Linda from Dunkin’, there are crazy homeless people rubbing dirt on peoples faces in our parking lot”

*sounds of squealing tires and sirens immediately emanate from the receiver…

What a sad day for religion. Nothing worse than being so desperate that you’ve been relegated to Dunkin’ Donuts’ sloppy seconds. An incredible fall from grace if you think about it. In a few hundred years the church has gone from ruling the world to asking people if they want a side of ashface with their coffee at Dunkin’ Funkin’ Donuts.

thanks to Paula for the tip


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