Government Proposes A Plan To Allow Offshore Oil Drilling East Of Cape Cod

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GLW – In 2014, over 3.2 million tourists visited the shores of Cape Cod. Tourism represents a whopping 43% of Cape Cod’s economic base.
On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Interior proposed a plan to allow offshore drilling on the Atlantic Ocean. The drilling in the Atlantic would be part of a five year drilling schedule that would begin in 2017.

Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey said, “Cape Cod beaches could be in the crosshairs of an oil spill that could devastate our shores if offshore drilling is allowed off the East Coast. Oil spills know no state boundaries. Cape Cod beaches are a destination for countless vacationers from Worcester and throughout Massachusetts, and we need to ensure we protect this unique natural resource and the tourism industry it supports from the devastation of a possible oil spill.”

Can you imagine what a BP level oil spill would do to Cape Cod? Our ecosystem is so fragile that we have to build Best Westerns for our Piping Plovers and charter flights to the Carolinas for our turtles. Because of that and a little thing called Nor’Easters I think I’m against this plan. Unless of course they can connect a pipeline directly from the rig into the oil tank in my basement. If that’s the case then I’ll change my middle name to Exxon first thing tomorrow.

P.S. Cape Wind loses it’s contracts from electric companies and this proposal happen within a few weeks of each other? Somebody just got PAID.

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