Good News Cape Cod, Your Electric Bill Is Going Up 50% Next Month


NP – National Grid customers will see their electric bills jump nearly 50 percent from October to November, according to the company.

“This is quite a spike,” said John Howat, senior energy analyst for the National Consumer Law Center, who said the upcoming cost per kilowatt hour is a record high. He told the News Service, “This is a dynamic that’s occurring in the wholesale power market.”

This winter’s electric rates, which kick in Saturday, Nov. 1, will be 37 percent higher than last winter’s rates and 49 percent higher than current rates, according to National Grid spokesman Jake Navarro.

NSTAR, which serves portions of Metro Boston and Cape Cod, and Western Massachusetts Electric Company, which serves the western part of the state, are expected to file their rates in mid-November for a period beginning Jan. 1.

Seems legit.

NSTAR is just one of those companies that has us by the short and curlies. They can teabag us with higher prices whenever they want and we are powerless to stop them. What are you gonna do, boycott electricity? Nope… nuts to the face it is!

Can you imagine if your favorite sandwich shop raised their prices 50% overnight? How about if pumpkin beer were all of a sudden $25 a twelve pack at your local packy? It would cause social media activism not seen since KONY 2012, basic betches would be out in droves picketing the store in their North Face jackets, yoga pants, and Uggs. They would be boycotted and out of business in a week.

Not NSTAR though, they just jack our shit up on a whim and then throw some chemicals into the ground for good measure. Someone should really think about putting some windmills out in the ocean or something…

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