Get A Load Of This Lady That Wants To Ban Hunting On Cape Cod

no hunting – My heart goes out to the Dutra family, whose beloved dog, Sophie, was killed by hunters.

This tragedy, coupled with the recent shooting of a jogger, underscores the urgent need to ban hunting on Cape Cod. Although most hunters are responsible, many are not. And hunting regulations are not enforced. It’s asking for more tragedies to allow hunting in Cape Cod’s postage stamp wooded areas, which are ringed by development and intensively used for recreation — often by visitors who aren’t aware of the danger of being outdoors during hunting season.

Hunting belongs in the vast wildernesses in New Hampshire and Maine, not in Cape Cod’s little conservation patches.

Marsha Finley

Note: I do not hunt, I am not biased, I have no horse in this race, I just have a little thing called a brain

So let’s get this straight. A few irresponsible people acted like idiots which resulted in a couple of recent hunting accidents and this lady wants to completely ban hunting on Cape Cod? Seems legit.

Hey Lady, do you know how many people are hurt and killed in car accidents on Cape Cod every day because of irresponsible people? By your logic we should have banned roads and cars a long time ago because driving is obviously much too dangerous for Cape Codders to be trusted to do it.

I’m thinking we might need to ban swimming as well, there’s always a few irresponsible people who do it too soon after eating and they end up with cramps. Cape Cod is no place for cramps! Ban swimming now! And eating too (just in case)! BAN EVERYTHING!

P.S. For all of you bleeding hearts, hunting is a way for individuals to provide food for their families while not supporting factory farming, adding to pollution and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels, so put that in your Whole Foods pipe and smoke it. Should we outlaw small scale organic gardening as well? How about knitting?

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