Get A Load Of This Dude Who Gently Landscaped Some Wetlands With A 9,000 lb. Excavator


CHATHAM — In what town officials describe as one of the worst violations in the history of local wetlands regulations, a Sears Point Road property owner is accused of driving heavy equipment on the sensitive tidal flats near his home and digging up precious salt marsh vegetation.

David C. Rogers, the owner of 36 Sears Point Rd., allegedly drove a rented 9,000-pound track loader – similar to a Bobcat – on the flats in front of his property on the western shore of Stage Harbor Sunday. Based on tracks still visible on the mud Monday morning, it appears the loader was used to flatten and scrape the flats.

Among wetlands violations he has seen during his career, “this frankly is one of the most egregious, just because of where it took place and because of the – I’ll use the word – arrogance it took to do it,” Duncanson said. While previous violators have run afoul of the law by trimming trees or carrying out other work in a wetlands buffer zone, “this is right in the resource area – multiple resource areas,” Duncanson said.

Holy shit man, way to fly under the radar. I don’t know what Cape Cod you’ve been living in but the one I know doesn’t allow people to just move beaches around with Bobcats. Especially when you need to drive through a salt marsh to get to said beach. Do I think wetland violations are handed out a little loosely on The Cape? Sure, most people do, but finding an Bobcat stuck in the muck in the marsh in front of your house is pretty much the same as this situation.


“David? Do you know who destroyed the wetlands with a Bobcat? Hmmm? Did you have anything to do with that? David?”

I have to admit I like this guy’s style though, go big or go home right? If you’re going to violate some wetlands you might as well violate the shit out of ’em. Next time you come across a beach closed for Piping Plover nesting just call in David Rogers, he’ll come down and bulldoze the whole area. Nests? What nests? All I see is a nice smooooth beach.

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