Game, Set, Match, Cape Cod. Al Gore Didn’t Invent The Internet… The Cape Did!

truro internet

Source – The birthplace of the computer networking1 is shown in this aerial photo over South Truro on Cape Cod. The photo is from the mid-1950s. The radar installation shown in the photo was known as the “Cape Cod System.” Analog data from the radar equipment at the site was converted to digital form and then transmitted via modems and dedicated phone lines to the Whirlwind computer, which was housed a hundred miles away on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This setup was the first example of a long-distance computer network.

BOOM! Fact: The internet is the engine that powers the modern world. Fact: The internet is the single most important advancement in the history of mankind. Fact: The internet was invented on Cape Cod in a quaint little town named Truro.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to use deduction and… well, deduce, that Cape Cod is the single most important place in the history of earth. I have joked around calling us the chosen people, never realizing just how true it was. We are the Bethlehem of the internet. It all started right here. This peninsula is the cradle of modern civilization.

For those of you that are counting here is a list of a few of the things Cape Cod has invented:

  1. The Banana
  2. The Brown Paper Bag
  3. The United States
  4. The Internet

There are more, but those are the big 4.

On behalf of Cape Cod, I would just like to say to the rest of the world that whenever you use Facebook, order something on Amazon, watch free porn, giggle at a cute kitten meme, or download your favorite song, take a minute to thank the place that made it all possible… Cape Cod.

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