Fun Police Strike Canal Centennial Celebration – No Fireworks Cascading From Railroad Bridge

Who would want to see this crap on Cape Cod?
Who would want to see this crap? – “The Corps’ initial response to fireworks on the railroad bridge was, ‘Hell, no,'” Gurnon told his fellow committee members Tuesday.

At least for now, the Corps is standing by its answer, worried that the fireworks might disrupt train traffic and create a safety hazard. But officials plan to meet with the fireworks company to discuss the display, which is rumored to feature a cascade of fireworks raining down from the bridge.

Referring to iconic images of fireworks bursting over the Sydney Opera House, Gurnon said pyrotechnics set off from the railroad bridge could create a lasting picture. And with Cotuit real estate developer and philanthropist David Mugar footing the bill, the centennial’s July 29 display will be handled by the same company as the annual Fourth of July Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular.

“That would go international,” Gurnon said Tuesday, imagining the scene Mugar and Atlas PyroVision Productions would like to create over the canal. “If we got that photo, it would be everywhere.”

First of all the celebration to commemorate the Canal’s 100th birthday sounds like it is actually going to be pretty bad ass. God forbid we take it to the next level and try to do something spectacular though. It’s to the point now where I can immediately tell if something is going to get the fun police riled up against it. Here is the test:

Would it be totally fucking awesome? If the answer is yes then there is no way it will be allowed. Totally fucking awesome things “create safety hazards” so we need to cancel all the totally fucking awesome things to protect society from itself. Maybe it’s time for the rest of us to round up the fun police and vote them off our man made island.

That would be totally fucking awesome.

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