A Final Point About Joe’s Lobster Mart


Even that little fisherman can tell this deal stinks

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People seem to be missing the point about this issue so I want to make sure I am clear. I am not judging the long time manager of Joe’s Lobster Mart. He may be a great guy, and there is zero reason to believe that he will be guilty of Joe’s same sins.

That said, if you believe that Joe Vaudo is handing over his business, name, all of his equipment and infrastructure to this guy and he is only getting rent for the building in return then you are a certified moron. There is no chance that the deal between these two is only for a lease based on fair market value of the square footage of the building only.

Joe Vaudo was convicted of crimes. What he did undermined an industry that is sacred on this peninsula. His punishment was handed down and it was that his seafood business was supposed to cease to exist. That was the decided upon punishment, whether you agree with it or not. With this bullshit deal between these two he is not going to lose anything. NOTHING. Joe Vaudo circumvented the law in a blatant fashion and is going to continue to profit from the industry he fucked over when it was deemed that he should no longer have that right. Simple as that.

To re cap… I’m sure this manager guy is a nice person, he probably won’t buy stolen shellfish, but that doesn’t mean he’s not Joe’s puppet.

P.S. I am so sure of this that I challenge this new manager to do an interview with me and answer every single question 100% honestly. Then I want him to confirm his answers with P&L’s backed by tax returns that show that he is only leasing a building from Joe Vaudo and nothing else. There is zero chance that no other money will be switching hands here. ZERO

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