Our Favorite Things About The Cape Cod Virtual Yard Sale Page On Facebook

cape cod virtual yard sale facebook

The Cape Cod virtual yard sale has provided us with more than its share of laughs at The Real Cape headquarters. Here are a few of our favorite things to watch out for…

People Posting Ridiculous Fake Ads

Whether it is someone posting a chicken wing that was “only eaten once” or a poop bucket, fake ads get a chuckle every time. These are best if they just happen across your news feed at random times because it takes a few seconds for your mind to process what is happening. More of these please, and the more nonsensical they are, the better they are.

Also, huge bonus points if the first comment under an already eaten chicken wing for sale is… “interested”.

The Rule That States If You Wouldn’t Sell/Do/Say It At A Real Yard Sale Don’t Sell/Say/Do It Here

Might not be the best way to put it. You have no idea what people would sell, do and say at a real yard sale. Maybe I’ve sold crack to people naked while screaming racial slurs at the top of my lungs at a real yard sale, you don’t know. If I would then technically I can sell crack on this page by posting dick pics and jokes about Jews and still be within the rules right?

People’s Reaction To Fake Ads

You would think that someone had drawn dicks in the Holy Bible the way people react to the fake ads, it is hilarious. Way funnier than the fake ads themselves. People take posting fake ads very seriously…  “How dare you disrespect the integrity of the virtual yard sale? This is an OUTRAGE! I AM OUTRAGED!”

The best is when they are like… “This is the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen.” Really? There are church groups that protest the funerals of soldiers who died in battle… but a joke ad on an internet yard sale is the most disrespectful thing you’ve ever seen? Got it.

Or how about when they comment under a fake ad tagging the moderator and asking if they’ve seen it yet? Holy shit, talk about tools. You are basically the kid in school that tattled to the teacher because of a joke. Too bad Facebook doesn’t have virtual lockers we could stuff you in. You deserve a virtual wedgie or two as well.

Using The Term “Quick Sale”

Cracks me up every time. Oh, so you mean we don’t need to get the lawyers involved in this deal? I don’t need to pass a background check and wait 7 days to buy your old pair of UGGS? That’s so awesome, because the last time I bought a used toaster off the internet I had to put the money in an escrow account and have three home visits to make sure I lived in a stable environment.

Quick sale. So hilarious.

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