Falmouth Construction Equipment Dealer Allegedly Stole $158,000 From Nigerians

nigerian prince

CapeCodTimes.com – A Falmouth man was indicted Monday by a Suffolk County grand jury on charges of larceny and money laundering through used construction machinery sales totaling $635,000, according to a statement from Attorney General Maura Healey’s office.

Healey’s office alleges that Desgroseilliers stole more than $635,000 through the two companies from 10 people who either paid him for construction equipment that was never delivered or who did not receive refunds. In one case, Desgroseilliers received $78,000 for an excavator and $80,000 for a wheel loader, both from a customer in Nigeria who never received the equipment, according to the statement.

Wait a second, were they exiled sons of Nigerian royal family members who needed the excavator to spring their falsely accused parents from jail so they could get access to their family fortune of $585,000,000?

If so, I know those guys, I recently wired them my life savings and they are going to wire me back $15,000,000 as soon as the king and queen get out of jail and they get their paperwork in order. This Desgroseilliers guy better get them this equipment ASAP, those Nigerians don’t have much time left before the rebels take their family fortune.

I’m not even that concerned about my money since I still have my blogging fingers and can always make more money, but those poor Nigerian princes have a lot to lose. I’d hate to see them fall victim to some shady international money scam.

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