So That F-15 Fly Over Was An Epic Fail Huh?

Strike Eagle – This week, the Massachusetts Air National Guard announced that five F-15 fighter jets from Barnes Air National Guard Base in Westfield would fly over areas of eastern and southeastern Massachusetts at low altitudes — between 1,000 and 5,000 feet — early Thursday morning as part of a pre-planned media event. It was announced that the flight path would include Bedford, Salem, Boston, Norwood, Foxboro, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The fighter jets were expected to pass over the Vineyard at 8:47 am at an altitude of 5,000 feet, according to a press release.

But the F-15s never showed, much to the disappointment of Islanders waiting, watching and looking skyward. Lt. Colonel Sean Halbrook told The Times that the F-15s only flew as far as Cape Cod due to time and fuel constraints. The jets took off late and were unable to rendezvous with a tanker, he said.

So, first they postponed this thing from Wednesday until Thursday, then they take off late and don’t have enough gas to finish the trip? What the hell is the department of defense doing? Is that yearly 526 billion dollar budget all spent up already? You’re spending over $10 million an hour in Afghanistan and we can’t finish one stinkin’ flyover without running out of gas on our own side of the pond?

This is America not North Korea god damn it, let’s act like it! We don’t schedule big dick waving displays with our bad ass weaponry and not follow through with them. Especially after you tell the taxpayers they’re gonna get some jet fuel to the face. Remember who paid for the gas in those jets in the first place there Uncle Sam. If you promise us F-15 fighter jets at 8 a.m. then we want those F-15’s on time and served with coffee and a side of hash brow… I mean freedom fries! ‘Merica!

P.S. The F-15 has been around since 1972. Shouldn’t we be on like the F-327 by now? Are we due for an upgrade yet? When’s our contract up?

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