Drugs Blah Blah Arrested Blah Addicted Blah Blah Blah Cape Cod


Every Story I Read – This is not a real excerpt from a news source. I was going to do yet another post about people getting arrested for drugs on Cape Cod and being all around idiots. Then I realized something. Maybe I should write this one from a different angle.

Another post about how everyone is on drugs? Nope. I am sick of writing about this shit.

Cape Cod is a hotbed for heroin? Everyone on The Cape is addicted?

Well where is it all? To read the news you’d think everyone here is strung out.

But I look out my window and I hear birds chirping. I see people laughing. Sunsets setting. If drugs define us then I don’t know us.

It seems like bad news is the only news these days. What about the rest of it?

What about the beautiful lady who smiled at me at the store today? What about the dude who held the door for me and said that it was “his pleasure”? Where is that guy’s headline?

Oh I forgot, they are all addicted to something.

Why do we talk about the ¬†fuck ups everyday? They aren’t at dinner with us. They aren’t picking up your kids from school because you had to work late, but someone did, and they weren’t on drugs.

But we should be talking about them you say? These addicts. They are our brothers and our sisters.

We should love them. Help them. The Real Cape is about not judging them and doing the best we can for them.

That’s cool. I dig that.

But if we are going to do that, then let’s do it for everyone. I hate that news is always bad news, and I realized I’m part of the problem. So this post isn’t going to be about all the problems on The Cape. This post isn’t for the douche bags.

This post is for the girl that had to decide between food and heat because she fell in love with one of them and thought he’d stick around.

This post is for the guy that quietly takes care of his family and another family because someone else won’t.

This post is for the teacher that takes an extra minute with some kid because nobody else will.

This post is for the coach that works with a kid after practice because he sees something in him.

This post is for the kid that told his friends to lay off another kid they were giving shit to because he could tell he’d had enough.

This post is for the police officer that gave a kid a ride home instead of ruining his life.

This post is for the town selectman that voted for a teen center.

This post is for the people that never get posts written about them.

This post is for the good people.

This post is for you.

The Real Cape.

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