Don’t Miss Saturday At The Beach House – Party For Pat G, Bruins, and Fennario


There is a ton going on at The Beach House on Saturday. Starting at 5 p.m. there is a party in memory of the legendary and sorely missed Pat Grant. The Bruins game will go on the big screen at 7 followed by Fennario taking the stage around 9.

Fennario is a Grateful Dead cover band (video below) that will put you right into that mental space that only the Dead achieve. Pat loved The Dead so this is a tribute to him. The night will also be a send off for long time Beach House sound guy Chris McGilvray. Unfortunately Chris was recently diagnosed with cancer and is going to be taking a leave of absence after Saturday night. Chris is definitely one of the good ones, so make sure to wish him well. Remember though, it’s not goodbye, we fully expect him back in record time.

Essentially what we are saying is you might as well just park your ass for good at The Beach House Saturday, because it’s going to be partying with a purpose.

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