Did Anyone On Cape Cod Feel The Earthquake In Providence This Morning?


Turnto10 – An earthquake jolted Rhode Island early Wednesday morning, with residents reporting they heard rumbles and felt their houses shaking.

NBC 10 News received multiple viewer comments that they felt or heard something around that time.

“Really loud in Bristol. Sounded like a very low plane then the house shook,” Chris told us on NBC 10’s Facebook page.

“I heard a rumble and thought it was a thunderstorm. My dog is sticking to me like glue,” said Patricia of Greene.

“Earthquake felt in Johnston. Thought it was a car accident in front of my house!” Alissa said in a tweet.

Blizzards, tornadoes, earthquakes…  I don’t know what is going on around here but Mother Nature is PISSED. Remember the old Cape Cod when snow only lasted for a day or two, tornadoes were something we saw happening in Kansas trailer parks on the nightly news and earthquakes were 3,000 miles away? Oh and what happened to warm winters and cool summers?

Things are getting out of control, it’s like Mother Nature forgot that we are the chosen people and bad things aren’t supposed to happen to us or something. Maybe she’s been getting too many complaints from the heathens in the rest of the country about how good we have it here on Cape Cod and is making it up to them?

Whatever Mother Nature, show us what you got. I don’t know if you read our recent post about all the alcohol companies popping up all over the Cape or not, but we’ve got enough booze being produced on this peninsula to make it through whatever apocalyptic nightmare you can throw at us. Cape Codders are like cockroaches in a nuclear war. It’s going to take a lot more than a few natural disasters to wipe us out. A silly little earthquake is nothing a couple cases of Cape Cod IPA and a bottle of Notch can’t get us through. The struggle is real folks.

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