The Days (Flower) Cottages In Truro Are Up For Sale – Yes Please!

days cottages for sale

wbur – One of Cape Cod’s most iconic properties hit the market this week, and you can now own a piece of New England history.

Days cottages (or the flower cottages), the beachfront rentals located on the way to Provincetown along Route 6A in Truro, are up for sale with a price tag of $399,000 each. Listings for the cottages call it “a once in a lifetime opportunity to pick your very own flower.”

The row of 22 identical cottages has been owned by the Days family since 1931. Each is named after a flower. There’s Daisy, Zinnia, Violet, Rose and so on. Over the last eight decades, the cottages have served as a muse for artists and photographers who came to capture the essence of the Outer Cape. Plenty of tourists have been drawn to them too over the years.

Unfortunately, as much as I want one of these I think I’m going to have to pass. Is $400K a bit pricey for a tiny little cottage with zero privacy that’s in the middle of nowhere? That might have something to do with it, but there is a much bigger reason…

Basically, I don’t want to write an article about myself when I inevitably come home drunk and pass out in the wrong cottage. They all look EXACTLY alike. There is a 137% chance that if I lived in one of these things I would need to change my name to Dude Guy at some point.

P.S. Talk about a testament to how bad ass the ocean is, if you put these things in the woods in Alabama they would cost $17 each. We are all very lucky to live where we do.

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