Christina Aguilera Is Recording On Martha’s Vineyard And Didn’t Even Tell Us?


Globe – Any moment now, Lady Gaga will be releasing a new version of her song “Do What U Want,” featuring vocals by Christina Aguilera. So what, you say? Well, Aguilera recorded her vocals last weekend in the living room of Carly Simon’s home on Martha’s Vineyard. We’re not sure why she chose Carly’s crib, but Oak Bluffs-based producer Jimmy Parr oversaw the session, and his new studio is still under construction.

What the hell is this crap? How Does my girl Christina sneak over to The Vineyard right under my nose and not hit me up? I figured she would have heard that I put her on my coveted 15 coolest Christmas songs list by now. I just thought I could expect at least a phone call if she was in the area.

Maybe she was pissed that I only put her at number 12 and she snubbed me on purpose? Probably because she’s hot again, gross Christina would have at least texted me I’m sure. All I know is I hope Shane MacGowan doesn’t slim down, grow his teeth back and get big timey. The only reason I put him at number one was in the hopes of getting a gummy from his handsome ass.


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