The Chief Of The Fun Police Won’t Give Up On The Heritage Gardens Zip Lines

zip lines – Heritage Museums and Gardens began work on their new zipline attraction over the past couple of weeks, and opponents of the project say they plan to file a complaint.

Carlo DiPersio says he plans to file the complaint with the Sandwich Building Inspector. The building inspector was the one who originally issued a building permit for the project.

At a hearing on the appeal two weeks ago, members of the zoning board voted unanimously to uphold the building inspector’s decision to issue the permit.

DiPersio says in addition to filing the complaint with the building inspector. “And if he doesn’t do anything about it, we’re going to the clerk magistrate,” he said.

He says he is not against a zipline in the Town of Sandwich but he feels the Heritage Museums and Gardens is the wrong place for it.

“Put it out on the “Golden Triangle” where they’re going to do the athletic stuff for the kids. Put it where it belongs. I’ll bring my grandchildren to it. But don’t put it across the street from Heritage Plantation, which is a beautiful place,” he said.

Who on earth does this guy think he is? “Don’t put it there, put it here, blah, blah, blah…” What fucking planet do you have to be on to think that you are so important that you can dictate what people do with their own property? The building inspector awarded them a permit, the zoning board of appeals UNANIMOUSLY upheld it. It’s time to find something new to hate.

I don’t even know if it’s more insane that he thinks he should be able to stop Heritage Gardens from doing what they want with their land, or if it’s more insane that he somehow thinks that he can tell the owners of the Golden Triangle that it should be on their property without even asking them if they would even want it there. I mean am I taking crazy pills? Let’s build it on the moon! that way it’s not in anyone’s yard!

Imagine if you were building a shed in your yard and your neighbor came over and said he didn’t like it there and told you to move it down the street to someone else’s house? Without even asking the people if they want a shed in their yard? Absolute tapioca pudding crazy sauce shit from this dude.

P.S. I would love to see the look on the clerk magistrate’s face when this guy rolls in to the office bitching about tree forts.

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